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Released June 2012, identified model JS660

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Need a guide for installing a new blade

Need to install a blade guide to my Black and Decker, modal JS660 jig saw. I purchase a blade guide and tried to install it but was unable to figure it out. I've looked on line for an instruction sheet or a video but could not find anything. There is not a service center in my area. I could send it to Black and Decker for repairs but I would like to attempt to repair it myself first.

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Here's the a copy of the instruction sheet that came with the Jigsaw: Black & Decker Variable Speed Jig Saw JS660


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See if you can find the parts breakdown for your jigsaw here: ReplacementParts.Com. While it won't tell you in detail often I find a good parts blowup can give me a good clue on how it was assembled.

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