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Dritte Generation des Surface Pro Tablets ab 20.Juni 2014

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I have idea repair dead Surface pro 3 but I need help

Hi guys

hope if anyone could help

i have an idea that i think that could possible wake up a dead SP3 if the problem is related to battery issue

the last state for battery after several tries to open it was indicate 0% then i connect it to charge and shut it down while i don't know that i must let it charge before shut down so now it doesn't turn on again

my SP3 now is totally dead and Microsoft confirm that the only way to repair it is to replace. so i would try if i could solve it without teardown the tablet

by try and error approach

so is there one have a clue or have an open SP3 tablet could help me to find a way

My idea is to check if i could wake my lithium ion battery from outside ,as i read something about boost a sleep battery from this article:


  • Some Li-ion chargers (Cadex) include a wake-up feature, or “boost,”
  • Boost applies a small charge current to raise the voltage to between 2.2V/cell and 2.9V/cell to activate the protection circuit, at which point a normal charge commences.

so in the video link below i think that what get happen to this battery for example:


as the USB charge is a low current than the normal one

(and there is more than one example for this problem can be checked on youtube)

so if someone could tell me his experiments to check and analyze what happen for every pin that is connect to battery and what happen when change the volt or amber to its corresponding on battery side

all what i believe that it is 4 cell(the 6 charger pin on each side.)

and that the polarity is opposite as it could be connected in either way

wonder why the number of the charger socket is more than the pin of charger

so then i would try if i could signal the battery to wake it up so i wont replace it through Microsoft for new one

thank you everyone

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I am actually seriously planning to hack a connection to the battery and make an alternative external charging mechanism , I also have a degree in electrical engineering, I am on my way to my 3ed bricked sf pro 3, multiple chargers, new type , old type, alternative ones, driver updates, battery not charging, power-supply not detected, I have been trough it all. I am so fed up by engineers that ships unfinished product and messy driver updates. On my current SPro , the battery was good for 6h+ last week , but is now dead due to an "update" and not detecting the power


We solved our charging problem by docking the wife's surface and using an icharger when traveling. However, docking it too long will lead to battery swelling. So collaspse the docks to charge and extend them when its charged. This has worked great for 3 years and counting.


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I have found that often the surface still charges even though it's charging led is not lit. Reach down and see if the power supply is warm. A warm supply means a charging surface. You should be able to pull your surface battery out of deep sleep using a USB cord plugged into your computer or a car outlet. Another way is to buy another AC charger and cut the plug off.

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I found the opposite... The charger light is "ON" when plugged into the surface, but the charger remains cold, knowing that the computer is not even at 30%, not charging at all.

I managed to resuscitate the surface 3 with your hint; I needed something to wake up the charger / laptop function after all the other methods we all know ( volume up + power etc etc) failed.

I connected a mobile to the USB port of the charger while still plugged to the surface. I found it extremely fast charging the phone and getting warm too.

I waited until the phone was fully charged and still charging the surface.

After 15 minutes tried again volume up+ power and worked!!

I'm not a tech guy but the hint of resuscitating both charger and surface at once made sense.

I leave the probable explanation for the clever people, but I thought it was useful.

Thanks for listening and for your clues.


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I tried the same but usb power works few seconds and stops until I push the button again.


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