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Apple to use codes when phone opened?


Just been talking to a friend who bought a new iPhone at a local phone shop.

He was asked if he wanted extra Warrenty, which he refused and said that a friend of his (me) can repair them.

The assitant then said something about after July, any iphone which is opened will require an authorisation code (from apple) So only certified people can open the phones?

Does anyone know about this?

Unless there's a sensor inside which detects an opened phone, I can't see how this would work?

Would kind of be handy, filtering out the cowboys from the ones who take pride.

But where would you get certified?

Or, the shop assistance is smoking ?


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I don't know what you're talking about. It doesn't require magical codes to disassemble a phone.

On a more serious note, You need to be more specific or exactly tell us what you mean by opening a phone.


It's been vague.

By what was explained. The new phones would know they've been opened. And then would require a code which only authorised apple techs would have.

Apparently it's to stop your average jo buying screens on ebay, fitting them, ruining the phone and taking them back to Apple with a broken phone.

If this was true then I'm sure it would be more main stream?


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This is the first Ive heard of this but wouldnt put it past Apple to do something ignorant like this. They beleive even though you bought the phone you dont have the right to open it to fix it yourself. Most apple tecs are just part replacers with company codes at there disposal none of them have the skill to actually effect a board level repair. Louis Rossmann Jessa Bethany Jones have these skills but theres a bill out that could make them illegal. Watch this video and support


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something to read by Jessa Bethany Jones



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Simply put, this person lied to you

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There is no code , i think the seller was misinformed, but there is a bobby trap at least from what I am hearing on the iphone X that will detect if the face ID is removed out of the phone making repairs a little bit more complex. I'm assuming it has some kinda kill switch when removed and tried to be put back in it shuts the phone down to prevent someone from putting in another face id and getting a user's info. So they do it for security reasons. Either way I am not opening any Iphone X till I find more out, but anything lower then this I have repaired and heard nothing about a code. So maybe they also heard this and just put their spin on it .

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