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Also known as the Samsung I9070 Galaxy S Advance or the Samsung Galaxy S II Lite, released in April 2012.

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My android system is missing

Hello,there.Im firdaus from malaysia and i am one of the samsung galaxy s advance user.And i have my problem eith my phone.Since i've upgrading to android 4.1.2 using Samsung Kies ,and i want to upgrading it with android 4.4.4 that is kitkat but with cyanogenmod ver.But,since i've downloading the zip file for android 5.1,it suddenly said that my android keyboard isnt responding.and accidently formatting almost everything including phone system and i do many things such as phone recovery and also advance recovery and it still wont work.Please try help this problem....

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Hello firdaus pfs,

Check whether PC detects your phone via USB & try to download firmware by Samsung Kies if your phone not detected by kies you can use odin flash tool with relevant OS and base band to flash it.

if above both techniques not worked for you, go for jtag flashing via flash tool like octoplusbox, riff.

after installing fresh OS on your phone you can install cyanogenmod again.

Welcome back to custom ROM :-)

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my problem is a little more than this , please help me on this question:

boot loop problem and recovery mod doesn't coming


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Go to settings --> Applications --> find anything that says "Keyboard".

Press "Force Stop", Clear Cache, and Clear Data

Reboot to see if this is resolved.

If not, go to the google Play store, and download Google Keyboard.

Go to settings --> Applications --> Force stop your old keyboard.

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