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My phone turns on at midnight.


my phone has a peculiar problem (not very serious but a little annoying): it turns on at midnight (even during a full moon). Indeed, if my phone is off, it shows the LG logo during 10 seconds and if it's still on, my phone display turns on, like if I press a button.

The guilty is not an alarm since no one is enabled (or one at 6.30 AM).

Is that problem had happened/is happening to you?

If yes, how did you solve it.

Thanks for your response.

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You might have the on/off timer enabled in the settings. I'm not farmiliar with this phone, but you could probably fix it by messing around in the settings a little bit.

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I did not found the solution (there are not timer in the options). So I reinstalled the firmware in my phone and it doesn't turn on at 12.00 anymore (nor at 5:15 PM, by the way).

Thanks Chris for your answer anyway.

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