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LCD goes black after replacing the digitizer

Hello all. I came across a problem that had never seen after replacing the digitizer of an iPad 2. The iPad turn on , the Apple logo appears , but after that the screen turns off and no image appears. The iPad still turned on as iTunes recognizes it. Anyone have any idea what might be happening? Thank you.

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Have you tried to disconnect and remove the digitizer to see if screen works ok ?

From there you can tell if the digitizer causing the problem.

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Thanks for answer, but even without the digitizer the issue persists.


Would you please check if there is anything missing around the connection on the logic board like capacitor or resistor. Sometimes when you push little to hard some small components gets broken and jumps out of the logic board .


Thanks for your time, but the iPad is OK now . A friend took it apart and reassembled it and is now working flawlessly. I don't know if he did anything else , because I wasn't around when he did it, but the most important is that the iPad is working again.

Thanks again.


Happy to hear that :)


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