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MacBook Pro can't boot

HI ,

I have a 13" MacBook Pro and it won't boot. It loads the apple logo and shows the loading sign loading but as soon as it gets close to the end , some writing pops up on the screen as if its loading in verbose modes , and then keeps looping.

i have tried all the commands but no luck

can anyone please help

Block Image

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What does the text say that pops up on the screen?

Also did you make any changes to the laptop prior to running into this problem?


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If you already haven't done this please try .

Do you know how to get into the recovery mode ?

(Turn off the mac then Press the power button to turn on the mac , right after hold the left option key and wait until you see the recovery HD then chose the recovery HD and hit enter )

When you are in recovery mode you will see disk utility click on it. On the right pane of the disk utility you will see

Macintosh HD unless if you haven't change the name of your HDD before, Highlight it then go to first verify disk

then repair disk . Let me know how it goes .


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