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Die Neuauflage des Apple 13" MacBook Air von April 2014 wurde mit Dual-Core i5 und i7 Prozessoren aufgefrischt. Die Akkulaufzeit wurde etwas verbessert.

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Dropped MacBook on floor and now trackpad won't click

I dropped my MacBook Air onto a hard floor and now the trackpad won't click. I can still move the cursor with the trackpad but I can no longer click.

Does this mean the trackpad is broken and needs replacing? Or has something simply become dislodged within the casing, which is preventing the trackpad from being fully depressed?

Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

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Hard to tell. I'd take it out and inspect it to see if it's dislodged and reseat it and adjust it. Here's how: MacBook Air 13" Anfang 2014 Trackpad austauschen

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Thanks Mayer - I took your advice.

Ordered the tools online and had to wait a while for them all to arrive but have just disassembled my Macbook Air and reseated both the trackpad and the battery and that seems to have fixed the problem! Trackpad clicking as usual now.

I suspect the problem was a slight dent in the plastic casing of the battery (probably caused when I dropped it) which was obviously exerting pressure on the trackpad from underneath, preventing me from being able to depress it fully.

The Apple Store were going to charge me £167 and keep my computer for 3 - 5 days. Instead, it only cost me £24.56 in tools (including ESD strap and mat) and only took me a couple of hours.

Thanks iFixit and Mayer!


Glad you got it. Come back anytime you need to repair anything and we'll try to help ;-)


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