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Released August 22, 2013. Identified by model number NP940X3G.

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The black wide ribbon cable between the sub and main board

That cable you remove in thus tutorial between the sub and main board below the fams what is it called what is its part number and where can i buy it? thanks.

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I would like to know as well, however in English. I could not find the part using the search words below, however, very much appreciate the answer. I was increasing the size of the hard drive (128GB SSD) to a 1TB, during the process the bios screen came up and then something happened and now no display whatsoever, even if connected to another monitor through HDMI. My thinking is maybe I damaged the small bundle of cables above the three screws (top right hand corner) that lead to the screen. I need to buy this wiring harness? replacement part but don't know what to call it and or what the part number would be or where to buy it? Thank you, any help would be greatly appreciated! Its a great PC, however, is now essentially worthless.


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Von meinem NP940X3G-K05DE:

Model : AMOR3-70 IN_FPC REV:1.0

Die Teilenummer des LCD-Kabels lautet BA41-02249A von 2013/44 KW

auf myfixguide.com heisst es: BA39-01324A.


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