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Vierte iPad Generation mit GSM, erhältlich seit dem 2. November 2012 mit 16, 32 oder 64 GB Speicherkapazität. Modellnummerb A1459.

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hardware error can not restore that part would have to replace?

Error 50, my iPad has a hardware error can not restore that part would have to replace?

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Thanks for taking the time to ask your question. It could be a number of things, so I’d like to point you to a post on Apple’s support forum. Check out the second post on this page for a really good explanation of what’s going on and some troubleshooting steps.


I’m thinking it’s an issue with anti-virus or firewall software that’s either blocking your computer’s connection to Apple’s server or interrupting the transfer of data over USB. Remember that even if you have the ipsw stored on your computer, iTunes still has to connect with Apple’s servers to verify the restore image. The USB cable could be bad or there could be a problem with the USB port, but those seem less likely to me. Turn off all your anti-virus and firewall software and give it another go – I bet that fixes it.

Best of luck,


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