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The Sony CyberShot DSC-TX9 was a “point and shoot” portable camera released in October 2010. It features a built in speaker, a 4X optical zoom with 12.2 megapixel resolution, and a 3.5 inch LCD touch screen.

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Sony DSC-TX9 Error E:61:10?

Error E61:10 blinking on camera. Unable to focus. Zoom doesn't work either. Ideas?

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Thanks. But unfortunately the autofocus seems to be completely screwed up. Tried absolutely everything, including your suggestion, but to no avail.


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Error code E:61:00 mens your camera lens sensor problem

Turn the camera off

· Hold the camera face down over a hard surface (Like you are going to take of your desk) with only about half an inch above the surface.

OR reference the video files below for an alternate method.

· Turn the camera on

· Let the lens extend into the hard surface, don’t let it extend all the way. Mine retracted slightly and then tried to extend again (let it extend the second time).

· Lift the camera away from the hard surface and notice that the error message is gone.

· Take pictures of your favorite things.


Here is a video of the normal power up sequence of the camera.

Here is the first alternate method

Here is the second alternate method

Another fix is on youtube.


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Geweldig! Het werkt super .

Dacht inderdaad dat ik mijn videocamara kon weggooien. Maar met iets simpels ( als je het weet


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