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The tenth generation Ford F-Series is a line of pickup trucks that was produced by Ford Motor Company, it was sold from the 1997 to the 2004 model years.

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Temp gauge not working not over heating

00 f150 4x4 4.2 xl I have repl. Cht sensor twice temp gauge stays below the c it idles high when first starts check engine light came back on this has just start a couple of days ago everything was working fine until then any ideas

Update (07/05/2016)

When u first start engine the gauge moves to the c then drops back down

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My 2005 F250 4x4 just started having this same problem. Strange thing is that I hooked up to one of my equipment trailers and drove to get hay and the gauge started working normal. When I unhooked the trailer it stopped working. I lowered the spare tire and it started working until I shut the truck off. When I started it again the gauge wasn't working. Been chasing grounds but can't seem to find the bad one. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.


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@jdarnold remove the sensor wire and ground it, the temp gauge should move to HOT. That would mean your gauge at least works. If it does not you may have to replace your instrument cluster. If it does move than consider another different sender. Make sure that it is one for a gauge not a temp light. Also, make sure that your engine block has a strong ground, You could temporarily connect a jumper cable from the negative of the battery to the engine block. Let us know what you get. As for the engine light, have your vehicle scanned. Since we do not know where you are, in the US Autozone offers a free OBD scanning. Let us know what you find.

This from the repair manual:

Disconnect Sensor - Ensure temperature sensor connector is in good condition. Turn ignition off.

Disconnect coolant temperature sensor. Turn ignition off. If temperature gauge indicates cold, go to next step. If temperature gauge does not indicate cold, go to step 3).

2. Bypass Temperature Sensor - Connect a jumper wire between the 2 pins of temperature sensor harness connector. If temperature gauge indicates hot, replace coolant temperature sensor. If temperature gauge does not indicate hot, go to next step.

3. Check Red/White Wire For Short To Ground - Turn ignition off. Disconnect instrument cluster harness connector C237. Measure resistance between instrument cluster harness connector C237 pin No. 9 (Red/White wire) and ground. If resistance is greater than 10 k/ohms, repair/replace instrument cluster. If resistance is less than 10 k/ohms, repair short to ground in Red/White wire. Check gauge operation.

4. Check Red/White Wire & Pink/Orange Wire For Open - Turn ignition off. Disconnect instrument cluster harness connector C237. Measure resistance between C237 pin No. 9 (Red/White wire) and pin No. 5 (Pink/Orange wire). If resistance is less than 5 ohms, repair/replace instrument cluster. If resistance is greater than 5 ohms, repair open Red/White or Pink/Orange wire.

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I jumperd wires gauge went to hot replaced sensor guage still inop but my scan tool reads the op temp in the 190 degree range . so how the heck can the computer read temp but the gauge does not but workswen jumpered. I know friggen fords


HEY! I caught that ! "I know friggen fords"

Yeah we heard ............... Fix Or Repair Daily


rudedudeone...im having the exact same problem, new temp sensor, but temp gauge still pags hot 5 seconds after starting, scan tool still says computer was reading the temp as if nothing was wrong, did you find what was causing your issue?


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A lot of Ford's have 2 different coolant temp sensors. 1 for the pcm and 1 for the gauge. They are NOT interchangeable. One or both may be bad or they may be the wrong ones.

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Similar prob: 94 toyota truck my gauge says cold. Idle high at stop lites. It was overheating and took therma out. Drove no thermastate gauge reads cold. Put in new thermas and gauge is cold. Any suggestions? Too old for autozone free test. No check engine lite on. No overheating. No smoke or steam.

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I have a 98 Ford F150 4-wheel drive the temperature stays on cold all of a sudden it goes the hot truck won't run was a s*** does anyone know the problem


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