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A simple feature phone by Nokia released in 2012, identifiable by the model number RM873, or as the dual-SIM version RM872.

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My nokia 206 doesnt switch on after factory reset.

I recently factory resetted my nokia 206 using security code... ever since, while trying to switch it on, the start up word nokia comes up for a few seconds and the phone never turns on. Ive tried to switch it on without any sim cards or memory cards yet it doesnt help... i tried the hard factory reset method *+power button+call button+3 and yet it doesnt work. Can anyone please help me?

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Dear friend,

i had read your issue.

just check battery charge (or use other battery) then turn on it,

if still have problem (keep phone after disconnecting battery for more than 30 minutes)

then turn on it, if this also not getting fixed

download firmware file for this device and flash it

it will fix

good luck my friend

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