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What happened to This iPhone?

Hello everyone, I have and iPhone 6s and it's not working very well after I accidently hit it off the counter into the toilet. Since I am 13 years old, I have to have a phone to communicate with. So, I thought that maybe I could keep using it. Well, I thought wrong. After I took it out of the toilet I checked the camera and flashlight. As I was doing it my screen would constantly start flashing and turning off. Every time it kept turning off, I would do a hard reset of the phone. I put the bad in rice for about 24 hrs. And lo and behold it kept flashing.

Skip ahead three days, I kept using it, and the more I used it it would work fine. Nothing wrong. I was on my way to the airport for a vacation in Arizona and I checked the camera and I all I could see were lines. So I panicked and just thought I could fix it later. All of a sudden the screen was glitching again and the screen turned off again. After the hard reset it did not turn back on.

Skip ahead to two months later, I looked inside and the primary camera module for the back camera was fried. After further investigation there was a little bit of corrosion at the top of the phone where nothing is. I shined my other phones flashlight on it and I could still see the home screen and lock screen. But, the flashlight and the camera do not work at all. I also ordered tools to look underneath some panels for corrosion. And I thought I would have to replace the backlight and the battery. So, can anyone help?

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I'm sorry to say but this isn't really user fixable and you are likely better off taking the phone to a phone repair shop to clean the water of water damage and replace any affected parts that do not work anymore.


Your better off buying a new phone sorry bro I'm 14 and have done the same lol even opened and tried to clean out but still doesn't work


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Dear friend

i had read your explanation about your phone,

i feel sad about your phone,

i think the device can fix, but my suggestion is not want fix that device, it will make you lost money

because it will have many other problems too other than you had see

i am really sorry

its only my own opinion

good luck

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