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The Sony VAIO VPCF132FXB is a mid-grade laptop designed for multimedia and personal entertainment use. It features an Intel Core i7 processor (1.73GHz) and an integrated NVIDIA GeForce 310M GPU (512MB onboard memory).

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laptop battery not charging, pulling out charger will turns it off imm

hi there

there is something weird with my laptop

my laptop will not turn on without ac adapter

battery is in good condition

i checked battery and ac adapter and both was fine.

but the problem is even without windows, with battery installed, when i pull out the ac adapter it turns off.

it is not related to acpi driver.

in windows, it says you have 46% remaining battery, but it does not detect the ac adapter.it means the LED of charger input will not turn on and the icon of socket is not next to my battery indicator of windows. it means that the system is working on battery.but the moment i pull out the charger, it turns off.

i hope i explained it in good condition so you could understand.

please help.

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Does it work without the battery?


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Unplug the computer and remove the battery and carefully inspect the computers battery contacts for corrosion or dirt. Since the contacts are small an look like small wire like contacts you might need a sharp sewing needle to scrape or score any corrosion off the contacts if you see some. Also there might be some dirt or corrosion on the batteries contacts as well. Inspect the contacts and if you see any corrosion scrape them clean as well with a sharp sewing needle. Be careful not to break anything and if you see any thing leaking from your battery the it might need to be replaced. You could also use a small wire brush but if you use that you will want to be real careful not to scratch any plastic too much. If this doesn't work then keep looking for the answer, good luck!

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