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The first generation of the executive car by Volvo known as the S80.

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Why does my car squeel/whisles after warming up

2003 Volvo S80 2.9 Liter

Car squeels real load after warming up. It never runs hot according to the temp gauge but engine feels overheated. Uses a lot of water but doesn't smoke. If I leave it started, sounds like I'm pressing on gas. It seems to drive okay but check engine light is on. It doesn't seem like the fan kicks on and off correctly. I fill with water now instead of antifreeze at least 3 times in 2 days. Recently it just stopped needing filled completely. I'm afraid of cracking the head or worse. What could the problem be?

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I took it to a shop and they seem to think a vent is stuck shut. And the squeeling noise is from the oil trap. Your answer explained things perfectly to me so I'm going to take it to a different shop. Thank you for your wisdom.


Good call. It is hard to diagnose without having the vehicle at hand. The squealing could well be a vent or something, it still doesn't explain the coolant loss.


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Is the fan belt driven? This also drives the water pump and water circulation. If it is loose it will squeal and improperly drive the cooling system. If it has stopped you may have thrown it off.

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It's never good to operate an engine with coolant issues. There are many things that could be wrong.

Lets start with the basics.

Your car uses the coolant to keep the engine at operating temperature, in other words to reject waste heat. To do this, a coolant pump, driven by the engine circulates coolant through the engine and to a radiator so that heat can pass to the surrounding air. When the vehicle is sitting or moving slow, there is not much air to take that heat away, so there is an electric fan to help with the air flow.

The coolant pump has bearings to let it rotate freely, and a seal to keep coolant from destroying the bearings.

If the coolant pump seal fails, the coolant that gets past it will drain out of a hole before the bearings and drain to the ground. At this point the coolant pump failure is not far away. Once the bearings are exposed to coolant that will get noisy. At first a grumbling, then a squeal, and finally mechanical failure, which may destroy the engine.

When an engine has coolant leakage issues, usually air gets into the cooling system and, of course, rises to the top of the engine, preventing any coolant from getting to the hottest parts of the engine, which is the cylinder head. When this happens, there is no coolant for the fan switch to sense, and even though the engine desperately needs to be cooled, the fan doesn't come on and things get hotter and hotter.

You may have multiple problems now, since the engine has almost certainly overheated.

Water pump failed.

Air in coolant system.

Cylinder head has warped and there is no seal between two or more cylinders.

This is not a do it yourself fix. Take it to a shop and have it diagnosed. You might be really, really lucky and only have the water pump issue, but don't get your hopes up. Do not drive the car or start the engine.

Sorry for the alarming news.

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excellent answer the only thing I may have added was to ask if there is a visible leak around the hole on the water pump


can't see the water pump on that transverse engine. it's driven by the cam belt. Fan is electric of course, as it is on all transverse engines.


Maybe i shouldn't answer questions on autos anymore. I'm just not up to date. But give me a '57 Chevy or a '59 Plymouth and I know what I'm talking about! I did tie the National record for B/S automatic drag racing in 1964 in that Plymouth. But got my butt kicked by a high school friend of mine, Kenny Bernstein https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kenny_Bern...


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