iPad will not boot or restore

I have recently received a dead iPad 4, The issue was that it would display the low battery logo and the little picture of the lightning cable at the bottom. When plugged in the lightning cable would disappear (it has detected the power source and is 'charging') however it would hang like this. I had a battery on hand (Work part time at an electronics repair shop) so I popped open the iPad and put in the new battery. The device was completely unresponsive after the new battery was inserted. I plugged in a charging cable and the apple logo popped up. The brightness of the logo changed a couple of minutes later (Adjusting to user-set brightness) The logo then dissapeared and almost immediately reappeared. I tried to use a hard reset to get out of the loop (Home+Power) but it would not respond. So I could not get it in recovery mode. I tried unplugging it and it eventually stopped bootlooping and shut down. Once again it would not respond to any buttons. I then remembered that you can get into recovery mode from the device being off. I plugged it into my PC with iTunes 12.4 open and immediately held Home+Power. The device booted into recovery mode (Connect to iTunes) iTunes then recognised the device and I set it to restore to the latest iOS (9.3.2). It downloaded and extracted the firmware and then said 'Waiting for iPad' the iPad restarted to an apple logo with a spinning loading symbol, then a progress bar appeared. Then the device rebooted back into recovery mode and iTunes failed with the Error 4013. I changed the PC I was using, the USB cable and even the charge port on the iPad and it still fails with error 4013. I assume it is some other hardware faliure however i would like some suggestions. The device has not been subject to any extreme conditions and has spent most of its life in a Griffin Survivor case mounted in a vehicle for navigation and communication. Any suggestions would be appreciated

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