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The Sega Game Gear portable gaming device was released in 1991 in competition with the Nintendo Game Boy.

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Device works, but has a plain blank screen

Hello there, I recently purchased a Game gear as it came with an adapter plug, at first when I tested it, it works as the power came on and the screen lighted (as well as the back light), but when I place a game in it, it still was the same screen as before, no sound, no animated screen, I was wondering if it was the device or the cartarage.

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is the contrast on high enough?


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Hi Cliff,

Most commonly, the issue is a series of bad capacitors. If you can solder and want to get your system back up and running, you'll need to replace all of them. It's best to replace them all as they're low quality capacitors and will go bad eventually, if they haven't already.

You can buy replacement cap kits off eBay that will give you all the ones you need. Take note here: you'll want to know if your Game Gear is a model 'K' or not. You'll see this one the back of the Game Gear on the model. Usually, they're just model 2110. There are a few that are 2110 K.

If your model is a 'K,' then you'll want to buy a cap kit for a VA4 type.

Model: 2110 - Buy a cap kit for VA1

Model: 2110 K - Buy a cap kit for VA4

Once you have that sorted out, you'll also want to buy a 4.5mm Female Torx Security Bit driver to open it up.

Finally, after that's all out of the way, you have your security bit and cap kit. Open the device, lay out your parts, making sure to match the Ohms of the replacement cap to the cap on the board (you should get instructions) and begin swapping out the parts.

This is a guarenteed way to fix the Game Gear and get it running again. I've fixed a dozen of them so far, replacing all of the caps gets every initial issue out of the way.

Good luck, be patience and have fun!

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If you’ve already replaced the capacitors, then check the pins in the game cartridge reader. Most commonly, the white screen issue will be caused by the pins in the cartridge slot being dirty or bent and not making good contact with the game cartridge.

Shine a light in the game cartridge slot, and if needed clean with a flattened Q-tip and alcohol, but only push the Q-tip straight in and out, otherwise you risk bending the pins.

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