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The sixth generation Grand Prix, a front-engine, front-wheel drive vehicle manufactured by Pontiac, a division of GM. Sold in both coupe and sedan configurations.

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No spark no start 2001 grand prix 3.8

I have replaced the icm the coils and the crankshaft sensor in my 2001 grand prix 3.8. Still no spark to any of the coils. And cleaned the ground up under the icm and on trans. Could it be the cam sensor?

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Yes me to 07 pontiac 3800


i hav the same problem with my 02 grand prix gt. but my pcm shuts off when i try and start the car. i did a motor swap so maybe its a bad pcm??


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maybe you have a bad pcm?? i was told i have a communication issue

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The problem is probably in the spark plugs.

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@icantthink ah no. If you do not have any spark from the coils then it is not the plugs. Those are the last part of the firing chain. Most likely the camshaft or crankshaft sensor.


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