Repair and disassembly guides for the Apple AirPort Extreme Model A1143.

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Can the Wi-Fi Card be replaced?

My Airport Extreme base station (A1143) stopped working after a move across country. It does not appear to be transmitting a wireless signal on any frequency. It is possible to log in using the Airport Utility only if the computer is plugged into the AEBS. Nothing about the setup suggests there are any problems, although there was some issue with saving / loading profiles. This suggests to me that the wireless card is not working.

Is it possible to replace the card without replacing the logic board? The iFixit teardown suggests not, but I'm hoping there is a solution.

Thanks in advance.

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Of course, WiFi card can be replaced in this model (A1143)! I did it myself.

It's Atheros Mini PCI AR5BMB-0072TA. And as seen here:

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Great research +


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