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Repair information for KitchenAid dishwashers.

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Water disconnected, but tub keeps filling up with water?

This is an older model KitchenAid dishwasher that was not being used anymore. Everything was still hooked up, however. Then I started smelling this nasty odor & I tracked it to the dishwasher. The tub was full of this nasty black water. I got all the water out & sanitized. Then after awhile, here is the tub full again & stinking the place up. Had a plumber come in & disconnect the water going to dishwasher. It is still filling up with water. How is thiss possible? What can I do to remedy this? I can't afford to have someone remove it and then fix the big hole in my cabinet. Help?

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#1 If you told this problem to your plumber and he didn't snap to immediately, fire him.

#2 Your dishwasher literally sucks. It is syphoning.

#3 Very common problem caused by stupid installers

Water disconnected, but tub keeps filling up with water?

Here's a video on the very simple repair:


Request: As I just saved you at least a couple of hundred dollars, a lot of time and worry, please give the next homeless veteran guy you see (preferably a Viet Nam vet, who never got a thanks) Thank him for his service, and a $20 bill and I'll call it even.

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