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The HTC One X is the first HTC phone to be equipped with a quad-core processor, released in April 2012.

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Why my phone screen blinks?

My htc one x plus phone automatically get off even if the battery is full. i had repaired the IC of the phone , it worked for 2-3 days then again it is off. can you please tell me whats the issue? whenever i press the power button the screen blinks.

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Can you tell me the exact conditions of you're problem pleas? Does the phone shuts itself down if it is just placed on a table or not? And does the screen just blink 1 time or several times? And does the phone the same thing when it is plugged in?


Hey . Whenever i press the power button to start the phone HTC ONE X Screen Came and it goes. This screen blinks everytime. It shuts down by itself. Whenever i press it blinks. Even when its plugged in it does the same thing.


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Well, that sounds like you're screen has a loose connector, i sugest you open up the phone, search through the guides to find the guide that is conform woth you're phones model, and that you fix this loose connection, the problem can acure when the phone has been dropped on the floor or that you dropped the phone to hard on a hard surface. Open up the phone, locate the screen connector on re-connect the connection properly, i hope this may help you. Greetings

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