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An inkjet printer using HP's thermal inkjet technology. The jets are built in to the cartridges, with the advantage over piezo technology that if the jets become dried out and blocked, you only have to replace the cartridge. This printer will print on plain paper, photo paper, or printable CDs or DVDs. It accepts the common types of memory card and USB memory sticks for offline printing. Furthermorre, you can insert a Bluetooth dongle in the USB port for wireless printing.

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photosmart5510 Asking for proxy address?

server connection error. says enter proxy address. What is that ?

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Proxy adres for photosmart5510


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Your proxy server settings are configured in the browser properties. A proxy server provides a central location for an Internet connection. Companies use proxy servers to control internet traffic.

Do you have a fixed IP or DHCP , is the printer on wifi or LAN?

Try to reset the config on the printer.

maybe this will help :


Kind regards,


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