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Probable bad hard drive

I have a Mac Book Mid 2012 and do not know the model number. I have experienced several issues which seem to indicate there may be hard drive problems. I have call support and been to the genius bar regarding my computer. When I shut it down at night within a 30 minute window it restarts. Web pages load slowly, When I did Command R for a recovery it never completed it just stopped on one of the last restarts. I have done NVRAM cleared the cache, used malware bytes done all the updates. It just all seems to return back to some subtle hard drive issue. Any help would be appreciated.

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First you should visit this site: EveryMac plug in your serial number it will tell you what your model is. To find your serial number you can find it in the About This Mac or on the bottom of your system.

We really need to have an idea what you have to help you.


Do you have access to a second Mac system which you can interconnect the systems (Target Mode)? If not do you have a bootable external drive (USB or Thunderbolt)? A 16 GB USB thumb drive will do.


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I believe Apple has now recognized the hard drive/IR cable issue on this model and is replacing them for free. They have not announced this program to the public as yet but my local ASP told me about it. If it is also a 15" model, ask them to also run the video test when you take it in.

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If you use COMMAND + V you will boot in verbose mode. I suspect you will see errors reading the hard drive repeated, this would indicate SATA or Hard Drive. Since both are used to store the downloaded Internet Recovery it would be effected.

You should get a thumbdrive as Dan suggests to isolate that set of devices from the boot process.

You could also hold down D and see if diagnostics come up. If so run the tests.

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