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Pebble's third-generation smartwatch, released in May of 2015. Supports both iOS and Android devices, with up to 7-day battery life.

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Make pebble waterproof again

Is it possible to make pebble waterproof after tearing them down? Is there a proper glue for this?

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Short answer: Sugru!

I was recently on holiday, swimming every day, when I noticed the internals of my Pebble Time were fogging up, which meant just one thing: the water resistance had obviously failed. I immediately took the watch off and started thinking about how I was going to repair this.

When I returned home, I pried the top of the Pebble Time off and looked at what was sealing the watch – it appeared to be some sort of rubbery self adhesive strip. I looked around the internet and thought about what I could use, but then I settled.

I cleaned off all of the adhesive rubber, and then carefully cleaned the internals of the watch, removing dust and fingerprints from the glass, before rolling out some Sugru to a very thin diameter – as close to 1mm as possible – and then laying it out around the lip on the inside of the pebble time plastic chassis.

Pressing the glass down firmly and securing it with clothes-line pegs, I then carefully trimmed off the excess Sugru that squashed out.

Leaving it overnight to cure, I tested it by going swimming the next day and, I'm happy to say, it's back to it's old water-resistant self!

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Thx this ist really helpful. How did sugru perform in Long Term?


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I’ve done that by cleaning the old seal tape, and pasting RTV around the transparent cover frame, then carefully closed and tighten them overnight with laundry hanging clips.

I didn’t try to soak it in water, to test if realy watertight sealed, but the seal look tight, and RTV is used for aquariums. so believe it will withstand some water.

The drawback of this, that unlike the original tape that was designed to open the watch (and phones) by heating them with hot air gun, the RTV is also heat resistant, so opening it again for any reason could be nearly impossible (altough I believe that using a knife, carefully the cover can be pried again).

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