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Released September 2013, identified with model number T100T. 2-in-1 portable with Quad core Intel® Atom™ processor and 2GB of RAM.

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Update to Windows 10 failed.

I have been troubled with this one for a while. My tablet was updating to Windows 10 (while plugged into a ups) and failed. Actually received a failure notice. Now upon booting it will make it past the post screen (the bios and recovery menus too) but will not display anything past that. The cursor will show up on the screen when using the track pad or digitizer but will not do anything else.

When booting into the recovery menu all options say that I need to sign in as admin but cannot find any accounts on file. I try resetting the tablet but it errors out at 66%. I have attempted to roll it back to 8.1 but that fails as well. As does trying to load another OS file from bootable usb. At a complete loss and would like to avoid replacing the motherboard just to get it up and running again.

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Thank you for your response!

I do have access to both. I created a bootable usb and have several legal iso files for various OS types.

I have also discovered the root of the issue and managed to get 8.1 loaded back on (begrudgingly). The issue was that though the tablet will support a 64-bit OS the UEFI controller will not. I had to dig through the tech document from ASUS to find this out. But after loading 32-bit 8.1 everything appears to be working correctly.

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That is good information, I'll remember that because I do have a few Transfomers that come across my bench.


I still find it very confusing as to why it is set up that way. Outside of a potential power saving attempt.


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Do you have access to a windows 8, 8.1, or 10 install usb/disk?

I have booted from those before, then used the repair option on the second screen. A startup repair from there might work.

You might need to acquire an external optical drive for a disk, of course.

Have you tried also using program in command prompt? Sfc perhaps?

I have found that normally the issue you're experiencing is related to explorer.exe not working correctly.

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