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Released March 2006, identified by model D620 on the keyboard bezel.

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Screen distorted and very fuzzy


I just hit the jackpot at the Salvation Army and got an iBook, 2 dell latitudes and a hp pavilion. One of the dell latitudes work, but the screen is very fuzzy and distorted. This is probably a cold solder joint under the gpu or chipset, but other than that it works just fine. Is the gpu removable, or is it soldered on? Also, how would I fix it at home?

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Never mind, just zapped the gpu with the heat gun on high for about 4 minutes and now it works fine.

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When you say heat gun.... what sort of gun do you mean?

A small gas torch, a large one, or a cigarette lighter? . Does this really work?. I'm using a D620 with the Intel VGA card, and it's great, but I have two dead ( 1 fuzzy, one non boot ) with the defective VGA card from the other manufacturer where there was class action against DELL..

I'd lvoe to get them going although I have swapped the disks so I got all the data off ok.



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I used the same heat gun that I fix it sells and heat it up. If you look up the Xbox 360 rrod fix kit it will show you how to reflow the chip.


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