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2.1 speaker system from JBL with 36 watts and capacitive volume controls

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It keeps making a loud humming sound.

Unfortunately the JBL Spyro is making a loud humming sound that gets me a headache. No one can stand this sound so I cannot use it anymore. I already checked all the cables and everything is right here. How can I get rid of this humming?

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When I did a teardown of my JBL Spyro sub, I was pleasantly surprised with the overall build quality with one exception — the speaker cone surround. 

Of all the available materials for the diaphragm surround, they chose to go with a flimsy foam that tears more easily than wet 1-ply bathroom tissue. This was the cause of my humming.

To fix the tear, I used E6000® Permanent Flexible Adhesive and a patch. I used a BAND-AID® Brand Flexible Fabric Adhesive Bandage because it was easy to apply and is engineered for flexibility. Use just enough E6000 to cover the BAND-AID*. I let the adhesive cure for at least 24 hours before testing. The results were excellent.

*Do NOT overdo it with the glue. I added extra adhesive to see if I could make it more resilient to kick-bass at maximum volume. It made the cone too heavy and stiff so it doesn’t sound as good anymore.

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I just found a shop where they sell repair kits for any type of speaker. Will order those for my JBL Spot speakers and give them a try.

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