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The Roomba 650 is a Fourth Generation robotic vacuum released by iRobot in August 2012. This device is hand-free and is programmed to clean our homes. With little manual operation needed, this robot have revolutionized house cleaning.

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Roomba ignores virtual walls

Roomba 650 ignores virtual wall, but docks OK. I have the VWs that have a two position switch - auto/off.

I have tried new batteries in the VWs and even changed the sensor in the Roomba.

When switched on the VWs blink about every 8 seconds. I have two of them. Could they both be bad?

Update (08/08/2016)

Yes, VW = virtual wall. The VWs that I have do not have a power button that can be pressed down. They are slide switches and have two settings - OFF and AUTO.

I see no other way to reset them.

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@autolab VWs=virtual walls? When you changed or removed the batteries did you hold down the power button for more than five seconds to reset the wall?


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I have the same problem. I think is a led problem. If you have an other one, please record a video with the phone and look it you see the light of the led.


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