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Device and repair information for the 60" LED HD TV by Samsung released in 2013, model number UN60FH6003FXZA.

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Screen went black but has sound

Can also see words when room is dark and shine a light on it. What part do I need to repair it?

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@ssnee07 from your description it appears as if your backlight is not working. Could be the power board, the LCD or the inverter circuitry. Most common failure would be the LED driver board. Available at places like this and many others for around $40USD

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My TV is only 7 months old, was supposed to have one year warranty...but I couldn't get Samsung to repair the TV...glad I didn't add the three year extended warranty if they refused to fix or even try to fix the problem with the TV after buying new a few months ago. The moral of the story is "Do not buy Samsung products". The store where you purchased the item won't help you because it's not a product they service. since Samsung is a private vendor they services all their own products, whether you purchased the item from Sears, Best Buy, or Home Depot. The only other problem is that Samsung will make it seem like it is your fault that the product

is not working and will also miss repair appointments with no explanation, not bother to call back, and they really do not care about the customer because they already have made their money.


Hi Grace,

First verify that the warranty is still valid and that you have the sales receipt. Then, if you have one, contact the government's Consumer Affairs or Fair Trading bureau in your area and speak to them about what you can do to get Samsung to honour their legal obligation under the warranty agreement to repair or replace their product, that they have entered into with you when you bought their product . Do not let them get away with it!


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