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The Samsung NX30 is a mirror-less camera with an interchangeable lens. It has HD video and it was released on February 18, 2014.

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Lens will not focus


I got this camera three months ago and very satisfied with picture quality. Recently, I noticed that 55 mm lens that came with the camera stopped focusing. It will focus only on 45 mm, but not on 18mm. I tried changing settings from manual focus and back. Took the lens off and put it back.



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Maria, I have had a similar problem (with a different camera/lens). I have noted two possible causes. First is in low light or low contrast. It seems that especially with low contrast, it depends on having a focal length that includes enough variation in contrast in the auto focus region. Two ways to potentially handle this. Once you have found a focal length you can focus at, hold the shutter down 1/2 way down, then change the focal length of the lens. OR - change the AF focus method to, say, center weighting.

The other thing I have noticed is sometimes the battery indicator say everything is okay, but it is not sufficient for focusing under these low light/contrast conditions. Changing/recharging the battery has often resolved the problem.

Hope it helps.


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