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Es handelt sich um ein von Huawei produziertes Android Smartphone, welches im April 2015 auf den Markt kam.

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display only show backlight after screenreplacement.

hi everyone ,

im brian, i work in a repair shop.

i got the next issue with a Huawei P8.

i replaced the entire screen (lcd + digitizer) and after i start up the phone i can see that the screen lights up but doesnt show annything, so bad screen i think.

tried another one same results. bought another one but this time full screen assembly with the housing , ---> ofcourse same result...

annyone knows what the problem is? would be weird that i ordered 3 bad screens (from good companys)

anny 1 got ideas ? i would love to hear them.

thanks alot!

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if you've tried 3 different screens then all i can imagine it could be is the circuit board where it connects to (presuming its similar to an iPhone) where the flex cable meets with it's "teeth".

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is their anny fix for this?


I have searched the popular bidding site and another well known shopping site that resides mainly in Brazil, however I have come to a halt as I cannot find a circuit board. Unless someone else can find something I can not go any further with your problem.


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