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Why wont power on?

hello there I have my Intel Nextbook tight here by me now and it will not power on and I want to know why

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Does it turn on with the charger connected and switched on? Do you get any indication on your Nextbook showing that the charger is connected and charging the battery?


No, just an orange light


I had this tablet for 3 months and it dose not work anymore


Hello I have a Nexbook E-reader and I reset the system but it will not turn back when i hold the power botton. What do I need to do?


Hello my nextbook 8 quad core has a orange light but won't power on don't know what to do


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Hi @lories777

Have you tried to reset your device?

Here is the procedure:

(1) Press and hold down the VOL+ button and Power button together to enter the Recovery mode.

(2) When Recovery mode is shown release both the buttons and then use the VOL+/- button to move the cursor up/down and select ‘Wipe data/ factory reset’.

(3) Press Power button to confirm entering the Recovery mode.

(4) Use the Vol+/- button to select “ Yes-- delete all user data” and confirm with the Power button.

(5) Select “ Reboot system now” before pressing Power button to confirm.

Be aware that all your User data and downloaded apps will be erased when you do this, but since you cannot use it at the moment anyway that is the least of your problems.

If the reset doesn't work then as it is only 3 months old and as you have a 1 year manufacturer's warranty, I suggest that you consult the warranty statement found in the User manual, as to what you have to do to make a claim for a warranty repair or replacement of your device.

If you cannot find the manual, here is the relevant page from the manual. Click on the image to enlarge it for better viewing.

Block Image

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Don’t listen to what others are saying, please! I figured out how to turn your next book intel inside 8 on if it will not come on for you! 1.) HOLD DOWN POWER BUTTON FOR 5 SECONDS, AFTER 5 SECONDS IS UP, STILL HOLD DOWN VOLUME BUTTON, AND CONNECT THE CHARGER, HOLD BOTH FOR 5 SECONDS AND IT SHOULD COME ON! Ya Welcome

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