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Repair guides and support for your LG TV.

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HDMI input on my 4k LG not working

LG flat screen 55uf645

My inputs

Is not working it said check I puts

Update (08/30/2016)

Yes tried all HDMI ports 4k only works on hdmi1

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Can you prove that the device(s) that you wish to connect to your TV using a HDMI connection are working via HDMI by connecting to another TV? Have you tried using a different HDMI cable? have you tried all the HDMI connections on your TV?


yes used different TV, New HDMI cable, tries ALL three HDMI ports


can HDMI board be replaced


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Try removing all HDMI cables and then "remove" the power cord for about 10 minutes (powering off is not sufficient ). Then Plug in the power cord, then one HDMI cable and try your device that way.

Also, something to note there is a known flaw with these tv's that cause a spike on the motherboard that cause the HDMI ports to stop working altogether.


Look under ratings and reviews.

Hopefully the reset will get you backup and running though.

The board replacement is not hard either though.

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Thanks, the powering off for a few mins worked.


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Hello there!

If after trying what Henry suggested to do, the HDMI inputs are still not working on your TV, then you need to replace your Main Digital Board.

If your Tv model code is 55UF6450-UA.AUSYLJR, then the part number for the main board you need to replace is EBT64048902

Good Luck!

Mike W

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The solution sounds crazy but remove the main board and bake it in the oven to allow the weak solder joints to reflow, it will normally last about a year or two depending on use, when they go out again, repeat.

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