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Model A1199 / mit 2, 4, oder 8 GB Kapazität

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Can I get the stripped screw out?

Appears the screw is stripped or I just can't get Enough of it to get it out (tiny screw nearest edge of Ipod case) apparently not uncommon as instructions warn of this but no solution for how to solve it when it happens any ideas? Should I try to find an even smaller screwdriver, not sure it would matter

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Put a little super glue on the screwdriver end and press it onto the screw. Hold it there for about 15-30 mins. Try to take it out.

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so before anyone responded i was able to find a #000 screwdriver which helped and i was able to get the screw out and i moved on to the next screw (step 7) which was deeper in the case. i am not able to get this screw out either. So i did try the super glue trick and but this didnt work for me, i could possibly try it again ?? but now i am wondering if i really need this screw to be removed? ha ha trying to find a workaround i guess i am running out of options ..


That's a #00 screw, use a bigger screwdriver.


thank you for your help i tried that as well without success.


Try a #0 or a #1, maybe that will work.


i already did .. its butted up against the case so much there is no room for anything there probably glued the screw in place by now ... i am calling this a fail. thank alot for all your help.


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