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The Gateway model NV77H33u laptop is a laptop computer made by Gateway and first sold in November 2012.

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Why is the screen dark?

My computer is fully charged and it's on, but the screen is black. I can see and move the mouse though. How do I get it to come back on?

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Assuming you have already tried to adjust the brightness.

You may have a LCD power supply fault.

It is common with laptops that, if you can still see things on the screen with it being very dull the screen is not getting the correct power it requires to illuminate LCD.

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Why is my screen is still off when I turned on the power?

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Hi @comfsm ,

Try booting with an external monitor connected.

If the desktop doesn't show on it either then you either have a faulty GPU or a faulty motherboard in the laptop.

If it does show OK on the external monitor shine a torch held at an angle close to the LCD screen of the laptop to see if the desktop is "visible"on it. If it is you have a "backlight " problem, which may be caused by either a faulty lid switch (or lid switch connection), a faulty video cable -or connection at either end - or a faulty LCD screen.

If there is nothing "visible" when using a torch light then it is either a faulty video cable, a faulty video cable connection at either end or a faulty LCD screen.


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