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The Nokia 1110 is a low-end GSM cell phone aimed at first-time cell phone users.

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Problem with sudden car symbol in display on nokia 1110?

I have suddenly a small "car" in the left lower corner in my display and I cannot make any calls.... what to do and how to solve ? (come back to normal operation....)

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In my phone a symbol like⤴️ this occurred in the side of network sign


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The "car" symbol indicates the the phone is in the hands free mode.

Unfortunately the User Guide does not detail how to enable/disable the feature. Presumably it is in either the Phone Settings, Call Settings or Enhancements area.

Also here is a link which describes how to solve a Nokia "hands free" problem if the settings indicate that it is in the hands free mode.


Sorry that I cannot be of more help.

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Thanks, I was guessing so, but trying to find out WHY is has suddenly come into such mode as the usermanual does not describe this possibillity, and there is nowhere in the phone menu which gives this selectable feature... :-()

I will try to clean the battery contacts as well as the connectors in the bottom..



Perhaps you could try the "restore factory setting" in the Settings area and see if this restores your phone. As with all resets you may lose info unless you back it up first.


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