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Display is completely black

I have an HP Pavilion dv6000 and from yesterday the PC has restarted, but the screen remains completely black, why?

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@piero90 connect an external monitor and let us know if that dispalys. This series laptop had issues with the GPU so the problem may be the logic board.

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If I connect a external monitor the PC functions.


In that case consider replacing the LCD. Use these guides HP Pavilion dv6000 Repair for that


I have the same problem but mine dose not work with external display


I had same issues with HP laptops and fixed it also owned dv6000 once the solution to this is quite strange but not a permanent and 100 percent sure although it worked for me every time especially with HP with AMD processors, cover up your laptop with blanket and start up let the exhaust choke up and due to excessive heat there are some micro ( solder ) joints fix's up and you will get your display back running . I was amazed how it worked for me and I took a risk after researching alot, I have fixed couple of other HP laptops with this technical glitch please be careful you don't burn out the beds. Hope it works for you.


@chris7up " heat there are some micro ( solder ) joints fix's up " no system will heat up enough to fix any solder joints. The reason why this works temporarily at best, is related to the solder bumps with this poor processor design.


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