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A sturdy tablet designed by HP for business and government use.

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I need install windows for my tablet

i need install windows for my tablet

plz help to reinstall windows

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if you have an image file for windows install you can always put that on a usb and install from there or you can use an external DVD player/reader and install from DVD


just noticed the tablet does not have any usb slots :( have you tried the recovery ? its usually F8 on startup and Repair my computer, that should take you to the HP image recovery for windows ... if the recovery partition is not there you may have to put the windows install image onto the sd card


to put a windows image onto an sd card or usb use Rufus


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Make the Following 4 Preparations before Reinstalling Windows.

1.Prepare Windows Installation Disc

You can install Windows from either Windows installation CD/DVD or USB flash drive. If you have such a disk, skip to the second step. If there is no such disk, create one by burning your Windows ISO file to optical disc or USB flash drive, and both Windows built-in burner and third party program can help do this.

2.Backup All Needed Data Saved on Boot Partition or System Disk

Reinstalling will result in data loss no matter you delete the original partition or not. Therefore, when the partition is storing useful files, please backup or transfer these files out in advance. The fastest way to create a backup for all important files is copying the disk , you may use third-party software like MiniTool Partition Wizard to make things easy.

3.Delete Windows Boot Partition or Clean System Disk

If you just plan to reinstall Windows without deleting the boot partition, ignore this step, but I highly suggest deleting the boot partition and then reinstalling Windows since the latter gives better experience.

4. Remove All Non-essential Peripherals

You’d better remove all peripherals that are not required to reinstall Windows, such as card reader, earphone, and removable hard disk. With these devices connected, you may receive error message.

Detailed Steps to Reinstall Windows

Step 1: Set Boot Order in BIOS

Step 2: Reinstall Windows via Installation Disk

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