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Personal hand-held video camera released by Aiptek in 2006.

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,how to delete pictures?

How do I delete pictures,etc?

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You probably have figured it out by now, but per owner manual:

1.) Power ON - flip out screen and find power button on body of camera - the button will light up blue when ON

2.) Press MODE button - immediately underneath direction button circle on back of camera and to the left labeled "MODE"

3.) Use the DIRECTIONAL CIRCLE joystick button above the Mode Button to select PLAYBACK mode

4.) Press down on DIRECTIONAL CIRCLE joystick button for OK to enter the mode - OR - press the PLAY/PAUSE BUTTON (|>) on left bottom side of screen frame

5.) The screen will display any thumbnail index of pictures stored in camera memory. (If no pictures are showing then there are no pictures in camera's memory. ) In this mode press down on DIRECTIONAL CIRCLE joystick button for OK to enter the FULL-SCREEN mode. While in the full-screen mode press MENU button to switch back to index mode. Or, if the zoom ratio is set at 1.0x you can move the directional button DOWN to switch back to thumbnail index mode.

  • a.) In the index mode: use directional buttons to move to selected picture to highlight the box around it.
  • b.) In the full-screen mode: use the directional buttons to move to the previous of next picture.

6.) Select picture

7.) Press MENU button and select which option you choose:

  • -DELETE ONE Picture that is highlighted - then select YES/NO.
  • -DELETE ALL Pictures in camera's memory - then select YES/NO.

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