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An Android Wear smartwatch released by Motorola on September 5, 2014.

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Should I clean my watch after immersing it in sea water?


Last week I forgot to take off tmy moto 360 when I went to the beach. After a week with a dead watch, I could manage to recover it and I have charged it completely. However, it has some damage, the side button is not working and battery seems to last less time. After 8 hours of light use it has 38% (not too bad). I'm going to give it 2-3 complete charges in order to know the real damage in the battery.

However, I think that I should open the watch in order to remove any salt or oxid. It is not an easy task to open a moto 360 because the rear cover is hardly glued and there is no replacement available on internet in case of cover breaking . What are your opinion guys?

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Hi villaherraiz , I also forgot to take off my watch before diving in. Now my watch is not working and charging. Please let me know what you did to recover your watch.

Thanks for your time.



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I think this is the best idea. You may see any obvious signs of salt residual. But ultimately I'm afraid it may have to go to the shop if all else fails. Good luck buddy.

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I decided to clean it. I broke the rear cover but it was necessary. I recommend you to dissasembly all and put the motherboard under Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) (not normal alcohol) at least 1 hour. IPA doesn't conduct electricity so no problem. Try to do it as soon as posible. In my case, it works. The main problem was that the power button was contaminated so introducing the motherboard in IPA cleaned the internal parts of the power button. After that no problem until today. The only side effect was that my mic does not work anymore but this was not caused by the IPA. Have luck!!

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Best bet is to probably open it and clean it. Depending on how bad the cover breaks you could use some electrical tape to tape it up after its back on to hide the cracks and prevent them from getting worse @villaherraiz comment above is a great guide to follow to clean the board off.

Hope this helps and good luck fixing!

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