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The Brother HL-5240 is an office laser printer released in November 2005.

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The printer prints blank paper

The toner is new but nothing prints on the paper. It feeds like it should but spits out blank paper.

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Silly question, but did you remove the plastic protector strip when you installed the new toner?


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Here are the steps to fix the brother printer printing completely blank pages issue.

1.     First of all, you should restart the devices, and then give a print command.

2.     Let’s cancel all print command, and then visit the printer properties, let’s see if your printer is showing available in the queue or not?

3.     Most of the time, people are getting the blank page from their brother printer due to the ink cartridge issue, so you need to assure that your printer has enough ink to print a text on the paper, if it doesn’t have enough ink, you may replace the ink cartridge as well.

4.     Apart from this, you may have the ink cartridge issue due to the installation issue, so you should uninstall the ink cartridge and reinstall the cartridge again. now give a new command, let’s see if your printer is allowing you to print a document or not?

5.     Sometimes, you may be getting the blank pages as an output due to the driver issue, whenever your printer is not printing the documents, you should take out the driver from your pc, and install a new driver on your pc.

6.     After using the above steps, if your printer is not allowing you to print anything, I will suggest you to factory restore your printer, and then reconfigure it.

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LOL of-course a silly question @djmetzle but surely that the first question to come to mind .. then probably resitting the cartridge...

but highly sure it is that plastic protector either not removed or partly broken inside as mentioned by @djmetzle

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Might be helpful


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If your brother printer is currently printing blank pages. here are the steps to fix it easily.

  1. First of all, make sure the cartridge/ toner is installed correctly. If not, you need to remove it from the printer and reinsert it.
  2. Check the skip blank page feature from the brother settings.

# Clean up the printer properly.

  1. Reinstall the printer driver.
  2. Service the printer.

Once you will make these changes, the brother printer will start working fine. in case, if you are still dealing with some other issues. please feel free to visit: why is my brother printer printing blank pages?

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