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Vierte Generation des iPad 4s mit CDMA. Verfügbar in 16, 32, oder 64 GB Versionen. Modelllnummer A1460.

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Ipad wont start and stuck in recovery mode when connected to itunes

I changed broken digitizer on CDMA version of IPad 4. Before completing the task (adhesive part), I connected the ipad to verify. I saw red empty battery charging icon at which point I disconneced. I put that aside for sometime and when I got back to it, it is no longer showing life. I tried restoring using itunes. I get a 4014 error. I changed the charging port. Same thing again. After 4014 error the ipad disappears from itunes. When I held home+ power for 15 seconds (reset) the ipad reappears with the ipad stuck in recovery mode. But I still get 4014 error. I also checked the battery - its got about 2.6 volts, so some charging is going on. the cable and charger are good because I use them with my other ipad.

Is this a lost cause or can someone point me to a solution? thanks in advance.

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This is the exact same problem that I got last week. I am trying to replace the battery to see if I can fix it. Apple recommended to buy a new ipad.


Do let me know if replacing battery works,


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I can't prove it, but I swear that Apple is having issues with their servers. I've personally had issues this month and I have seen an increase in these kinds of problems on here.

Try this:

download the IPSW file for your ipad. I don't want to link to the sites from here, but Google "ipad IPSW" and you'll find them.

Put your iPad in DFU mode. Not recovery mode. Then in itunes hold shift and then click on restore. It will bring up file explorer and point it to the IPSW file you downloaded. See if that works.

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Thanks for responding. I am using a recently downloaded ipsw actually. It is not that part. Actually itunes starts the process. I looked at the log file too. It begins the restore and waits for ipad to respond, errors out on something like expects Restore but got DFU or something.

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Pretty sure you need the iPad battery to be at least 3.7V in order for a restore to start. Try charging it up first and try the restore again.

Edit: If you can get it to display recovery mode then I think the battery has enough voltage to turn the iPad on fully then actually.


Thanks. But screen is not coming up also, I left it on charger overnight. Does not seem to make a difference. Is it possible that battery is bad? Doesnt Ipad start up even if the battery is dead as long as it is connected to power? So far only signs of life I see are 1. Itunes recognizes the ipad and 2 home and power seems to restart although the screen does not show.


Sankar, did you ever figure out what was wrong? I have the same problem with an iPad4.


Sorry, no. I gave up on it. If I ever figure out I will post.


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