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A series of 40 inch LCD HDTVs by Sony.

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No sound on my TV

there is no sound on my TV

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@jcb1 what model is your TV? what have you checked?


I have Sony model KDL-V40XBR1 whose speakers and headphone jack do not output any audio.

Around May 2015, the audio began cutting out.

I learned that gently banging the back panel nearby the speakers with the base of my hand would restore the audio.

Soon, the banging shifted upwards and towards the center.

I believe it was sometime in 2017 when this workaround ceased working.

Ever since then, I routed its audio via RCA cables to my A/V receiver.

In the WEGA Gate menu, the audio section is totally disabled.

To troubleshoot, I performed the factory reset...no progress.

Next, I managed to remove the K card and I still got audio through my A/V receiver.

I reinstalled the K card.

Unfortunately, I do not have a multimeter or voltmeter to check such measurements to verify that any component is 100% faulty.

Given the above, should I replace the K card? Thank you.


Hi there wondering if you could help my Sony bravia has no sound with the hdmi from my explora and no picture at all with my ps4 but if I use a cable input it works perfect any suggestions?


Have nk sound or channels on my sony bravia


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Here's some advice from Sony's troubleshooting website if you are having good picture but no sound:

- Check the volume level.

- Press MUTING or VOL + so that “Muting” disappears from the screen.

- Set Speakers to TV Speakers in the Sound settings. If it is set to Audio System, sound is not output from the TV’s speakers regardless of the TV’s volume control.

- When using HDMI input with Super Audio CD or DVD-Audio, DIGITAL AUDIO OUT (Optical) may not provide an audio signal.

- When tuned to a digital channel with Alternate Audio, the broadcaster may not be broadcasting your preferred Alternate Audio language. Press OPTIONS, highlight and select Alternate Audio, and change the Alternate Audio language.

From: http://docs.esupport.sony.com/referenceb...

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I was just working through this problem on my Sony Bravia 4K TV.

My PS4 suddenly has no sound one day. TV menu HAS sound.

The final fix was a SECRET FREAKING RESET OPTION IN THE TV. I did not find ANY guide that mentions this. It’s in the “About” section of the TV. Not in Settings, not in Audio or Inputs or Help section. In the stupid freakin ABOUT section. There’s your make, model, and a button to restart the tv that fixes it perfectly. I was so frustrated after hours of searching for what caused my sound to stop working.

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Thank you so much. That just solved my sound issue on my Sony Bravia. It just started happening in the last 4 days. Order a new Joey from Dish thinking it was that. Restart under About section did the trick. 15 dollars and hours wasted but glad I didn’t have to buy a new TV. Thanks!!!


thank you so much. This solved my sound issue on a friend's tv. Sound stopped working. Cable company spent two hours trying to fix and nothing worked. Finding the ABOUT menu and resetting the TV fixed it in about 5 mins. Thank you so much for posting this solution. More people need to see this if they have a Sony Bravia 4K tv.


Where is the about menu?


To get to this “about” menu, press the home button on the remote. Go all the way to the bottom of this menu, to the Settings icon. Go all the way to the bottom of this settings menu to get to the “ about” button. It is actually called Restart.

This fix my problem with the no sound. Thanks asdsadsa!


I don't seem to have this on my Bravia model KDL-32EX400... I have a settings menu where I managed to do a factory restart. I can hear the beeps when I'm in the menus so the speakers are obviously working, but I can't find a Restart option anywhere.


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