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1.6, 1.8, or 2 GHz G5 processor

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iMac G5-Ambient- Unstable for Power Up

I have read many questions & answers on Fix It in order to hopefully find a solution to my problem, although my problem may differ slightly. At times the iMac G5 will power up & function normally for 3-5 minutes & then freeze completely forcing me to shut down.It will power up normally at random mostly when it was unplugged for a period of time. Although at times it will chime to a blank Grey Screen or Apple Logo or Wheel or mostly no chime to a Black Screen. There is no overheating. The Capacitors look fine visually, so does the Inverter.

What I noticed 1 time it started up normally was the Time/Date was incorrect therefore I replaced the Pram Battery, no improvements. I could reset the Pram only once, 2 chimes but the screen remained Black afterwards. At times when I remove the cover, I get 3 LEDS on & at times only 2,this iMac resets the SMU automatically when unplugged for 10 seconds. Frustrated, running out of patience & ideas. I do not want to ruin the Hard Drive with all these Start Ups. Any comments & advice will be greatly appreciated, Thanks again, Robert

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Thanks mayer for your response. The Serial # is W8538xxxxxx,perhaps the next Generation of iMac G5s produced. The Capacitors look as new, no swelling whatsoever or any form of residue visible anywhere.


I just spoke with John Rodriguez, some head of customer service or something like that with Apple in California, he mentioned "It should be the Logic Board & there is nothing Apple can do, thanks for calling." I love the comment regarding Apple's policies to not stand behind their products (mayer) you posted previously. Anyone what to start a lawsuit against Apple?, it worked against GM. They went bankrupt for producing a bad gasket on their engines.


Here's another class action suit against Apple. These folks would know how to do it: http://www.nvidiasettlement.com


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Your iMac may have the bad capacitor issue. Check your serial number (located on the bottom of the stand) to see.

Serial Number ranges:

W8435xxxxxx – W8522xxxxxx

QP435xxxxxx – QP522xxxxxx

CK435xxxxxx – CK522xxxxxx

YD435xxxxxx – YD522xxxxxx

Also look at the capacitors (little cans) to see if any have corrosion on the top or are swelling.

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Good information +


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