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maytag freezer working. fridge side warm. no interior lights.

I have a Maytag side by side fridge/freezer. Model gc2227hek5. Bought 2007.

Freezer seems to be ok... normal temp -18 deg and lights working.

Fridge side is too warm. Around 11 degrees. With no lights working ( all 3 bulbs checked and are ok). Temp alarm sounds. Door open alarm seems to work even though lights do not come on.

Not sure what to do?! Is there a fuse for fridge side?

Have cleaned dust from bottom of grill at front. Also took off biggest rear panel at bottom on back ... and cleaned.

Fans seem to be working. Air blowing from freezer into fridge seems ok.

If I use max cool... freezer cools more and fridge gets to maybe 8 degrees.

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Might be the door switch.

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