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The HTC One X is the first HTC phone to be equipped with a quad-core processor, released in April 2012.

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Power on off button broken off!

My daughter unfortunately broke the on off button off the top of her HTC ONE X and I am looking for a way or a part to fix this?

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The solution to this is fairly simple. I'll guide you through the process of taking the back housing of the HTC One X carefully without breaking anything.

What you need to do first is get the replacement power button ready. You can get these on eBay. You are probably better off buying the whole back cover black plastic housing altogether with the power button and volume button. Here's a link to it:


Make sure you double check the model no if it is correct / corresponds to your one.

If you do decide to get the part and replace it, you can follow this guide to step 2:

HTC One X Button Replacement

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Many thanks Ben I will follow the replacing of the back housing s you suggested!


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