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Released July 3, 2012. The Samsung EX2F has Digital Wifi capabilities with 12.40 megapixel resolution and F1.4 lens.

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Loos of inital setup after battery change

Hello, if I change the battery of my EX2F all initial settings like time and date are lost. If the camera was new, this didn't happen.

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According to the User Guide for your camera, the date and time should be held for at least 40 hours once the battery has been removed from the camera.

As your camera does not have a separate, dedicated date and time backup battery, as some other cameras have, it most probably uses a capacitor, mounted on the circuit board in the camera to maintain the time and date, when the battery is removed. The capacitor is charged by the camera's main (and only) battery and has enough charge to hold the date and time setting for the required 40 hours.

I suspect that it is faulty or that it has somehow become disconnected from the circuit board, possibly a dry solder joint perhaps..

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Thanks a lot for your aswer.

Is it possible to change this capacitor?


Hi @mcolf

Unfortunately as I cannot find a service manual or even a You Tube video which shows how to dis-assemble your camera, I cannot say.

It would most probably be better to ask an authorized Samsung camera service agent if it were and how much it would cost.

You might just have to live with it, if it proves too expensive.


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