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My iPhone is charging but does not transfer data

Everything started a while ago (I think) I had an original lightning cable for over 4 years, I used it to charge everything, including the 5S, at some point, this cable stopped charging on one side, but on the other it still worked!

The problem now is that I need to connect the iPhone to my computer and it doesn't gets recognised.

Yesterday I replaced the lightning port with a new one, but still does nothing, I need help, please :(

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Does the computer see it in recovery mode? Are you using a usb 2 or 3 port and what OS and itunes version.


Nope, not even in recovery mode

Usb 3.0, Mac mini 2012 OSX 10.11.6

iTunes version


Just to make sure. You did try a new cable?


I have 2 cables (both new), one charges only on one side, and the other one charges normally, on both sides


well it can be the somhow werd ios update to 10 i can only charge in the wall transformer bifore i culd charge the ipad using my TV and a old pc now i say LADDAR INTE all the usb say the same =_= apple is realy making thing break by themself and the cable well i have lost 5 for 1 ipad i think and i show you how apple make your orginal cable and this is the cable after it broke inside i took off the cover and holy ^#% is this the strong point its the weak the midle have a cover but stops just bifore the usb abd the ipad male side =_= heres how it looks like when i saw the inside


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Does it have any liquid damage?

It may be a possible IC charging chip issue.(soldered on the board) This is worn out by using uncertified chargers or charging blocks.

Block Image

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In other words, non-MFI certified lightning cables and bad quality charging adapters / wall chargers.


It does not have any liquid damage, but I had used a micro usb to lightning adapter, maybe that did the damage :(

Because I use an original wall charger

What do you think, is it worth the risk replacing that IC?


that adapter for sure could have done the damage.

A power IC isn't that expensive and its one of the larger (read: easier) components to replace.


So, you say that if I can find someone who has some experience, it's not so complicated, right?


Btw, I saw that the picture you uploaded is from an iPhone 5, is there any picture of the 5S IC?


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