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The Nikon D7000 is a 16.2 megapixel DSLR launched in 2010.

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water damage from rain camera not turning on

What is the most likely problem after water damage, it will no longer turn on. The camera was not fully submerged. Just looking for the best line of attack.


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Don't start your camera remove the battery. Lense cap should be on or lens .Put it immediately inside the container of uncooked rice . It helps to get out all moisture out. Check after 8-10 hours.

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the D7000 is weather sealed but in no way waterproof, it would take some very heavy shower to cause water damage sever enough to write off your camera. water damage will normally short out components, there is no way to tell how extensive the damage is without opening your camera up. it is not likely that you would have got your battery out quick enough to avoid damage. you can wait for it to dry out before attempting to use it, this can be speeded up by using a desiccant. There may still be residue on the internals and the sensor will need cleaning for sure.

short answer - no way of telling until you get inside.

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